Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BIM ABC, 1 - COBie / 'Building Books' -

We´ve just finished to compile all data for what in Spain is called 'Libro del Edificio' ('Building Book'), for a set of three buildings at Madrid. - 
The 'Libro del Edificio' is mandatory in Spain for any building from 1999, and it is defined in LOE ('Building Management Act'). This Act defines the book to be printed as a real paper book, but nowadays the increasing size of 'as - built' information makes it inevitably to be electronic. It´s usually a big set of PDF, XLS and XLS files . - 
The Building Books of these three buildings (271 units in total) has more than 5,000 files (about 15,000 pages). As defined in LOE, the book is composed of documents related with building history (building intervinents, planning regulations compliance, building history, 'as - built' project documents, final budget etc), quality control and guarantees (energetic compliance, building controls etc) and recommendations for final users (use regulations and maintenance manual, actions to be taken in case of emergency etc). During building service, the book has to be completed by final users, adding all maintenance and repair operations data. -
Although the Building Books include 'as - built' project data, they should not include any editable data. All documents are to be signed and securely closed.
I think that these Spanish 'Building Books' will be linked someday with standards definitions like COBie. As is defined in these US standards, Building Books compilation data has to begin from project early stages, and not just at the end as it currently does.

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