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Thursday, October 2, 2014

BIM & 2016 UK BIM mandate -

When I start a course, I use to spent some time at the beginning talking about walls, windows etc. After some hours, someone stops looking at the screen and looks confused. "But, that thing of BIM is not a question of changing from CAD to a BIM tool, it doesn´t matter if it is Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD or AECOsim, that´s not the question..." "Yes", I say. "It is something deeper", he continues, "It is a question of changing the whole way we work, specially redefine roles, hierarchies...". While all his colleagues continue fighting with wall leaves or DataGroup definitions, he stops talking and he goes out from the room to have a coffee. He has realized that his job is in danger because of BIM. -
That´s the question inside this article. -
'64 per cent of respondents to the survey from 70 businesses in the infrastructure sector said the target was unachievable (...)' -
'69 per cent said that existing construction contracts fail to adequately address the means by which collaborative contracting can be achieved (...)' - 
No one said that the technical side is a problem - but the organization is. One and a half years for learning how to place a wall is not hard. But to change all the structure and renovate all roles seems almost impossible. -

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